Interesting story about Wills

Wednesday May 4th 2022

Not so ‘usual’ inclusions in famous people’s wills

Over the years there have been some interesting inclusions in the wills of famous people.

Here are just a few to start with. You can find more at

Robert Louis Stevenson

The author of Treasure Island had a friend who had complained that she had felt cheated that her birthday was on Christmas Day. As a part of his last wishes Stevenson left her his own birthday of November 13.

Janis Joplin

Always the ‘party girl’ Joplin left $2,500 (quite a lot in 1970) to pay for an all-night party for 200 guests at her favourite hotel in California.

William Shakespeare

In the 17th century it was not unusual to gift a bed if it was comfortable and not bug infested. Shakespeare left his wife his ‘second best bed’ which led to speculation around his relationship with her.

Gene Roddenberry

The creator of Star Trek left a clause in his will for his ashes to be scattered in space.

What unusual requests have you had to include for clients in their Estate Plans?