Knowing we can give our clients total ‘peace of mind’ is so important

Wednesday July 6th 2022

Sasha Burchgart, Founder, Burcheart Financial Planning

Estate Planning has always been a key part of the financial planning conversation that we have with our clients, however up until recently I have relied on solicitors to ensure this aspect was covered. Unfortunately relying on a third party to manage, progress and ultimately deliver on the estate plan was not always successful. This was because there is often a gap between our discussion with a client, and the process between them and the lawyer in getting these documents in place. It also meant that we were out of the loop when it came to ensuring our clients’ needs were being fully addressed.

Yodal has changed all of that for us as it has meant that we can now incorporate estate planning into the total financial plan discussion with fantastic early results. At Burcheart we can ensure our client and their loved ones are protected by managing the estate planning process from the initial conversation right through to completion.

The first client managed through our process with Yodal had neglected to get their estate plan in place even though we had, as a part of our regular discussions, encouraged them to do so. Unfortunately, our client was diagnosed with a brain tumour and came to us because he realised that he did not have his estate plan sufficiently in place.

We had a close understanding of this client’s needs, and with the help of Yodal were able to turn around his estate plan within 24 hours, having it in place before his surgery. It was such a relief for him (and his family), and for me, to know that everything was in place if the worst was to occur. That peace of mind that we were able to give to him and his family really was priceless.

For me and the team this was a real eye opener. By having immediate access to the estate planning documents and tools within Yodal we now know that we can work more closely with the client and ensure a quick and efficient turnaround.

When putting a financial plan together with a client we learn about all aspects of their lives, what is important to them, and what they value. The estate plan is just one aspect of this which is why with greater involvement we can ensure a better outcome. Of course, the lawyer still plays a role, but their involvement is reduced, and by managing the process, we can limit the time delays that we were experiencing previously.

This is a real win-win for us and of course our clients. They can take an active role in their estate plan by having access to their files through Yodal. They are also fully aware upfront of the fees (which are fixed) and the payment structure which is very competitive.

We are working with 15 clients currently on their estate plans using Yodal and are just about to send information to our client base to promote our services. The great thing too is that the entire team is involved. They have all received training on Yodal and are confident about the process and tools and realise they do not need to be estate planning experts to support their clients and deliver this essential service. The entire process is managed within Yodal, and with a specialist lawyer completing the process with our clients, any risk is reduced.

Although for our client with the brain tumour we were thrilled to be able to get an estate plan together quickly with the help of Yodal, this is not an ideal situation and one that we want to avoid in the future. The ideal situation is for us to have every client’s estate plan in place well before they need it. With Yodal this is something we can do with confidence, knowing that they, their family and loved ones are protected.

It’s knowing we can now give our client total peace of mind that is important.

Sacha Burchgart