Make Estate Planning your value-add

Monday June 6th 2022

We understand that day-to-day priorities can get in the way of introducing new opportunities into the business. Sometimes it simply seems too daunting.

Estate planning is one case in point, you might be thinking “I don’t have time to learn yet another program,” or maybe you already have a lawyer you go to when your clients need estate planning. However, have you considered that by providing estate planning as an integral part of your business you can add ‘real value’ to your clients, and in turn grow your business?

Let’s start with the first objection: “I’m too busy”

The great thing about Yodal is that it is an online estate planning tool that does the work for you (no prior estate planning expertise is required). It is a secure, intuitive platform that help drive plans forward while keeping you, and your clients, involved every step of the way.

“But I already have a lawyer?”

Of course, that is fine, and your lawyer (or one of your client’s choosing) will still need to review the estate documents. However, keeping estate planning within your business has great benefits for your client relations and your bottom line. It also means that you can address estate planning up front in your time frame rather than wait for the lawyer to get back to your client.

But don’t take our word for this, hear from Justin, a Yodal user who has had great success growing his business by providing estate planning services. “Estate planning is simply a win-win for my clients, and for my business. I truly can say that my best clients are those that I went through the estate planning process first.” Justin Ayres, Director and Senior Financial Planner – Swinbourne Wealth and Protection.

So, in answer to how can you add ‘real value’ to your clients? Consider introducing estate planning as a key part of your financial planning business by letting Yodal provide the planning tools you and your team need.

Why not see for yourself how simple Yodal is? Register here to trial the platform. You have nothing to lose but an hour of your time, and potentially a whole lot to gain.

Read more about how Justin has used estate planning as a key part of his financial planning business here.