Gallagher Unites Brands with Estate Planning

Monday July 29th 2019

The insurance industry has undergone a period of consolidation over the last few years, with many businesses being folded into larger groups and therefore merging service offerings. As a result, CEOs and business owners have been faced with numerous challenges, including a requirement to increase engagement with customers and communicate value in such a way that it strengthens the relationship. In other words, ensuring that existing customers don’t feel disenfranchised as a result of a new brand, or a different perception of their service provider.

Mr Campbell is one such CEO. Arthur J. Gallagher & Co. has completed several acquisitions, taking businesses that were formally competitors, combining the corporate cultures and presenting a united external front where there used to be distinct corporate identities.

Enhancing financial outcomes

As Estate Planning becomes increasingly integral to the insurance industry, Mr Campbell sees Yodal as a tool that increases engagement and value for clients across all the Arthur J. Gallagher & Co. businesses - adding depth to relationships as well as enhancing financial outcomes. “We obviously speak with clients about Estate Planning already, but Yodal gives us an opportunity to reach out proactively. We want to embed it in our existing offering and use it as an outbound solution following acquisitions; a way to demonstrate value early in the relationship.”

And according to Mr Campbell, this approach offers the business more than the potential to engage.

“Our aim is to unify the advice piece across the country and enable our advisers to offer the Estate Planning service directly to clients. Although we have strong relationships with law firms, when we suggest that our clients sit down with a lawyer and discuss Estate Planning, it isn’t always followed through on. The more responsibility we take, the less the client has to.”

Mr Campbell says that the Yodal service offering is important because it takes the onus off the client and empowers advisers to make sure action is taken.

“It means clients don’t have to take on the time and cost burden, while still making sure vital protections are in place. It is rapidly becoming one of the key parts of our service offering.”

Enriching new and existing client relationships

As the business continues to grow, Mr Campbell feels the emphasis on service and proactivity will become even more important. “In the end, Yodal is a product that helps our clients and, in doing so, enriches our new and existing relationships. It reduces barriers for clients, removes complacency and makes sure best practice methodology is in place.”

Get started now.

The team at Yodal is dedicated to simplifying what was once complex and making it easier for everyone to have a plan. Yodal assists financial advisers, accountants and insurance advisers to deliver and manage valuable Estate Planning services to which they are centric as trusted advisers. Try it now, and don’t forget to let us know what you think at