Why did we build Yodal?

Thursday August 8th 2019

Discover how you can grow your financial advice / risk business in a time of increasing compliance, uncertainty and negative publicity around your industry.

Are your customer relationships strong enough to withstand the current market conditions?

There has been a great deal of change to regulation, education standards and compliance in financial services over recent years, and the majority of the press has been negative. ASIC gave evidence to the Royal Commission that 90% of advisers failed to act in the best interests of their clients.

What is your clients’ perception of you, your business and the service you provide?

What if we had a simple way you could reinforce your role as a trusted adviser and;

✔ Foster deeper client relationships

✔ Enable the introduction to your next generation of clients

✔ Ensure your clients and their loved ones are protected at every stage in life

✔ Stay involved in the Estate Planning process and retain the relationship with your client

✔ Meet your best interest duty and remain off-risk

We are on a mission to make Estate Planning an essential part of life, and an essential part of every advisers business. If you, or someone you know is not using Yodal yet, share this with them or try it now. It is as simple as starting the estate planning conversation.

Why did we build Yodal for Estate Planning? from Yodal on Vimeo.