Making client payment simpler - New feature release

Tuesday April 9th 2019

Collaboration is key to success and we believe that by listening to feedback from our advisers we can continue to empower them. As a result of valued user feedback, we have released a new feature that provides you and your clients with greater flexibility in making payment and securing plans.

New feature now live

With the click of a button you can now forward an Estate Planning quote to your client, complete with their unique Needs Assessment Report and access to a secure client-led payment portal.

When reviewing your client’s Estate Planning quote in your adviser portal, you will now see a button allowing you to SEND TO CLIENT. By selecting this option you can send an email to your client providing them with access to review and accept the quote, download Yodal’s Terms & Conditions, and make payment for their recommended documents directly to Yodal.

See how it works now

What this means for you and your clients

The newly added feature has been designed to simplify your client communications and improve efficiency. Whilst you still have the option to manage payment from your Yodal portal, there may be circumstances that call for clients to gain direct access.

The new integrated functionality includes:

  • Opportunity to customise: You can choose to send the pre-drafted email communication directly to your client, or send to yourself and customise prior to forwarding on.
  • Streamlined report and quote access: Your client will receive a copy of their Needs Assessment Report, outlining why the quoted documents have been selected, as well as access to a secure client portal to accept terms and process payment via their method of choice.
  • Consolidated fixed quote: Your client will only see the final fixed cost to complete their Estate Plan – notably, they will not see a breakdown of your adviser fee should you wish to include one.
  • Payment notifications: You will automatically be notified when payments are processed directly from your clients, prompting you to progress the plan.

Get started

The team at Yodal is dedicated to simplifying what was once complex and making it easier for everyone to have a plan.

The added flexibility of this new feature allows you and your clients to manage the process in a way that suits your relationship and schedules. Try it now, and don’t forget to let us know what you think at